The dress I almost never wore.

Have you ever bought something because you just had to have it? You could envision yourself using it or wearing it… Gals, let me tell you about this dress. It was sophisticated, timeless, classy but a little sexy at the same time. I knew eventually I would have somewhere to wear it so I added it to my cart and clicked checkout.

The party of the spring was coming up- my best girlfriend’s baby shower and I knew I had to find something special for the occasion. When I stumbled upon this dress it was every thing I was looking for until- I had lost a little faith in my fashion sense! Yes- I too have moments when I just don’t think I can “pull it off.” I tried for months to figure out what wasn’t working with my fabulous find. Did I need to get Spanx (I haven’t ever found a pair that compliments my body)? Did I need to size up or down? Did I need to bring it to Irina (my favorite seamstress)? What on earth?! I toyed with the idea that we weren’t a great pair after all and that I should probably return it. Though, something inside of me hadn’t given up on it quite yet.

The morning of the party I gave it one last shot. I paired it with a bright fuchsia necklace and my favorite wedges sandals and everything magically came together. I wasn’t fully dressed without my go-to pearl earrings too!

So- if you are looking for the PERFECT little navy dress for wedding season and beyond- don’t give up or pass up on this one.

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