About Me: ISFP and 2w3

Are you like me and always looking for a reason behind everything? Why things are the way they are, why people act they way they do and more importantly- who am I and what makes me “me”? I often joke about the amount of times I google something. It was actually an inside joke with the last guy I dated. “Just google it” we’d say. Well- you can google ways to identify your personality traits and as you might imagine- I was all over it.

Recently during a meeting with my boss, she suggested I take the 16 personalities quiz. I had taken it previously but found out that as life changes, so do each of us. I know that sounds obvious but it turns out I was more myself now than ever before. I didn’t realize that the fundamental things about me could change. It turns out that based on circumstances and surroundings we are often influenced. After spending an hour completing the 50 question quiz, I got a few more answers about myself. I am an Adventurer personality type ISFP.

When I had taken the questionnaire last year I had received much different results. Deep down, I had always known I was an introvert. No one ever believes me when I say that it feels more natural to me to hold back and recharge in solitude given my outgoing personality. This go around the results explained what I had always felt. The results spoke to my creative side, my charming ways, my sensitivity to those around me and how I am both passionate and imaginative. They also spoke to my less than desirable qualities- my need for independence, how easily I become stressed, my unpredictability, my competitive nature and the fluctuation of my self esteem. Just reading those lines again helps me to feel so understood.

The questionnaire can also help you better understand how you show up as a partner and parent. As a partner I am heavily guarded but once that wall is torn down I am loving and enthusiastic. As a parent, the role is a perfect fit. With a laid back approach, I am able to enjoy the moments while helping and caring for the people I love most. In an effort not to bore you, the questions also help identify what you bring to friendships, the workplace and as a leader. Needless to say- the results can help to understand yourself on a deeper level and for me, I think they were pretty much right.

On another note…

If you aren’t familiar with enneagrams, 2w3 may not make any sense. I recently took the test and my personality turned out to be a “helper/ giver wing achiever.” You know what that means? I thrive off of helping others and I still like to be the one in charge. I truly do love to serve others. I love to help out in any way I can and I drawn value from every chance I get to. This type of personality draws others in and creates an environment that is warm, empathetic, loving and generous. There is this innate need to help in order to feel loved. The negative traits: can be seen as manipulative, a people pleaser, possessive and prideful. Is hate to say this but more than one of those traits fits me as well. The wing helps to explain that I have a natural “host/hostess” personality. I am a bit self assured, competitive and easy going. although I can agree with many of those traits- I am not accepting manipulative as one of them… That’s just not me. I can also be outgoing which isn’t exactly surprising and helps explain why I was once thought of as an extrovert.

No matter which test or questionnaire you take, you are bound to learn something new about yourself or the people around you. Give it a try, check it out and share it. You never know- you too might better understand you which will help others as well. If you take either one, share in the comments below which you took and if you agree with your results. Have fun and good luck! xox

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