Amazon Finds 1.0

I was sitting down to coffee with a good friend when she said “I don’t know anyone who shops on Amazon as much as you”. I didn’t know whether or not to be offended. I honestly wasn’t because 1. she probably wasn’t wrong and 2. my post woman can totally agree given the number of boxes that come in. 

There are tons of little things here and there that I’ve purchased but thus far: these are the ones I’ve used the most or at least- have found most useful.

Electric Tea Kettle

As the most expensive thing in this post, I figured I’d praise it first and then get to all the less expensive must-haves. I’ve had this item for well over a year now and I can’t tell you how often I use it- sometimes even 3 or 4 times a day. It was gifted to me out of the blue and it was worth every penny! The brand I have is no longer in stock on Amazon but there are tons of other options available – and at notable lesser prices. Mine was $49 and the tagged item is well below that price point. Its perfect for a quick cup of hot tea or used when making hot cocoa or french press coffee. In a kitchen, this item will take a little room on the countertop but easily makes up for it in its use (if you are into that sort of thing…).

Golf Umbrella

Of all the things I purchased during the Amazon Prime Day of 2019- this by far was a great purchase. I had been wanting one for a long time but never hit “add to cart”. At $13.99 (during the sale) it was finally time to get one. I love it for its size- I have no athletic abilities nor will I be giving you any imaginary tales of me on a golf course. This item is strictly made for me to get to and from a location without getting drenched. I also appreciate the size because I often find myself with my nieces and nephew and not having enough room to stay dry- NO MORE!

In-Shower Speaker

I have a glass cup close to my shower that I often would put my phone into to enhance my showering experience. Its a cheaper way to better the sound and increase the volume (life hack!). I love a good podcast or often just listen to the same song on repeat ( I am that person). When I came across this little gem I knew I had to have it. It syncs to my phone via Bluetooth and allows me to skip ahead or rewind when need be. Only down fall- I cannot adjust the volume on it. I often need to reach for my phone change it. Big deal? no, but it would be nice to have as an option.

Alexa Dot

I purchased this during Black Friday almost 2 years ago but I still use it daily. She’s like my personal assistant (though she has a bit of an attitude sometimes and doesn’t always understand me). I love being able to ask the time, the weather, how to spell something or even set a timer- I use her most often for this. She also pairs with all my devices as well as the next favorite item.

Smart Plug

I got this one as a deal I saw on Instagram. At the time of purchase, I only paid $5 for it. I use it to turn on and off my night stand table lamp. Its nice to be able to walk into my room and not have to fumble in the dark to reach the light. I simply ask Alexa to turn it on and turn it off.

Gallon Bottle

With the Rachel Hollis #last90days challenge just around the corner ( it is a wellness challenge that I have been part of to live the last 90 days as intentional as you would begin the first 30) I knew I needed something to keep me on track to hitting my wellness goals. One of the things that this challenge promotes is drinking half your body weight in ounces of water. This new bottle is well over my recommended ounces but I am trying to drink as much as I can during a day. I can easily drink on entire bottle before lunch. The bottle gives you certain goals for the day divided up between the hours to stay on track. For me- I have been doing my own thing. Definitely worth it if you struggle with getting your daily ounces in!

Key Pouch

I love finding a good dupe- this little keychain is a dupe for the Louis Vuitton key ring. I myself cannot see spending a ton of money that is likely to get beat up and need replacing sooner rather than later. At $15, so far this little ring has made life really easy. I often find myself just needing my keys before heading out of the house- this allows me to bring the essentials- money, license, cards and a chapstick.

Hair Dryer

While visiting my cousin in Florida this past March, she showed me her favorite hair dryer. I instantly understood why it was so good so I ordered one to arrive when I got back from my trip. This lightweight hair dryer comes with many attachments and heat setting options. For under $40, you cannot beat it!

Gold Pens

I LOVE OFFICE SUPPLIES! Back to school season has always been my favorite because there is nothing like a fresh notebook and a good writing pen. I found these pens and let me tell you- they are smooth, never icky and have lasted a long time. They also make a statement. Not only do they match my office decor but they usually get brought up or noticed during a meeting. They are sleek and I would argue- affordable at $.50 cents a pen ($9.99 for the set of 10). Love these!

4 Set of Belts

I recently found these while looking for a cognac brown and taupe everyday belt. I stumbled upon these and was very pleased. At $18.99 for the set- there are tons of color options. Because the belt is made of elastic- there isn’t any need for holes and tugging to fit. I am able to wear them higher up my torso for dresses or low on my hips for jeans. They are worth every penny!

Some of the finds here are ones I cannot take credit for. I often find things at a good price point while checking out someone’s Instagram stories. An account I recommend following would be @glutesandglam. She found the water bottle and smart plug at an incredible discount. I love finding a good deal but when the good deal more than makes up for the upfront cost- I am all about it. These finds aren’t my only favorites but as far as useful, everyday housewares- these top my list! Are you an avid Amazon shopper too? Share in the comments below what tops your list!

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  1. Janel Comeau

    One of the most amazing things about moving to the USA was realizing that electric kettles are basically a novelty here. Every household in Canada and the UK has an electric kettle as just a standard thing, but they’re so hard to find in America! I make instant coffee every day with a stovetop kettle, I’ve been looking for a cute electric one like this!

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