Hello Hydration!

I have a confession to make:

I was blessed with very good skin. I’ve had one zip a month, every month since I was 12. I swear I am not saying this to brag or to be envied but we’re about to get personal about my skin so I figured it was worth mentioning.

When it comes to skin care, I am the literal worst! I have no clue what I am doing and I often buy whatever new product hits the shelf and hope for the best. I’ve spent years being confused about what type of skin I have, what undertone I am and how to treat my skin in all its uniqueness. I used to spend so much time exfoliating my skin because of the rough patches on my forehead and cheeks until one day when I realized that it wasn’t helping at all. What was really going on was that those patches were desperate for moisture and the areas that were oily- like the bridge of my nose, were producing so much oil to try and balance out how dry my skin was. I started getting these little red bumps on my chin and by that point- I was all done with messing around. I needed to figure out what was going on- I needed to pay attention to the signs and understand my skin. Through trial and error I figured out that I have very dry skin.

Having been so lucky, I never needed to see a dermatologist- you know, the person who actually has the answers to all things skin… Instead, I fooled around until I found something that worked. About a year ago I started taking my skin more seriously. I won’t lie- I was the kind of girl who never even washed off her makeup. After waking up one too many times from being stabbed in the eye with my own eye lashes caked in mascara- I knew it was time to take things seriously. I switched up my morning and night routine to include creams, serums and oils. I googled the benefits of certain vitamins and added them topically. I kept trying drug store and high end brands until I liked the results I was seeing.

One day I stumbled across a set being aired on QVC. I swear- those on-air hosts get me every time! One afternoon, Josie Maran was sharing her Whipped Argan butter and milk. The set included 4 products to cover me from head to toe. There was a milk and butter made specifically for face and the other set for body. The two step application was easy to do and took little time to absorb. There was a choice between unscented and vanilla apricot. I opted for the unscented because I am sensitive to smell and get headaches easily. I could hardly wait to start trying these products!

Having had them for some time now I can honestly say that I have noticed that my skin is far more hydrated. Each year, I pay special attention to my skin and its needs because in New England- the weather will strip your skin of all its moisture. As you can imagine, I have to be extra careful and give my skin extra love. This light and easy formula does all the work for me and I love when I can understand the ingredients- these products are packed with all types of oils. I started to see the little bumps on my face and arms disappear as well as the dry patches on my forehead. I love being able to get out of the shower, use all 4 products and then get dressed within minutes. There is not waiting around for these products to set in and that’s so important to me! There is nothing worse than waiting around for products to absorb.

By far, my favorite products from this line are the milks. I love that extra level of moisture that my usual skincare products don’t provide. I can’t believe it took me so long to find products to help me with my winter skin! Thank goodness for Josie and QVC for bringing this incredible line as a reasonable price. So what are you waiting for? Are you like me and in need of some serious moisture this season? These products were worth searching for and I hope you won’t wait longer than I had to to try them.

Until net time,

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