Why Hello 2020!

Truth: New Years Eve usually makes me a little sad. I think it’s the same feeling I get once my birthday passes. Expectations are at an all time high and usually it falls a little short. In the past 29 years of my life I’ve only celebrated New Years Eve outside of my house twice- once for a wedding and the other for dinner with my best girlfriend Rebecca. Someday I’ll celebrate in a big way that doesn’t include sitting in cozy clothes on my couch by 9pm. New Years feels like a time for deep reflection about the past year and a bit of pressure to start the new year on the right foot. Thankfully, this year felt a little less anxiety provoking. Luckily for me, I started many of my resolutions early so the newness of the year simply feels like an added reminder of how far I’ve come. My resolutions always focus around things like health and financial freedom. Thanks to 2019, those are already underway. It took a lot to get there but the key was doing more work on myself.

2019 was a year of incredible growth for me. A lot of the ground work was based on decisions I had made in 2018 and I got to see my plans come to fruition during 2019. I had spent the majority of the past year focusing entirely on myself in the most positively selfish way. Selfish is a good way- if that’s a thing. You see, it steamed from a few short months of dating someone who was seemingly perfect on paper. He had a very charmed life- great family, great friends, great job, well traveled, well read, kind and had everything he could possibly want in life. He was fully immersed in his own life- almost a little too much at times. He was passionate about everything he did which included his countless hobbies. We’re talking something different every night of the week. Tuesday was for soccer, Thursdays were for skiing, Sundays were for Hockey and the time left over was for taking care of his house, dog, chores, car shows, trips to his house in Maine, purchasing a new boat… The list goes on, believe me -and somewhere in there was me. After 5 months of wondering “where is this going?” I had an epiphany- the kind of clarity you have while standing in the shower sifting through all your own thoughts. Was my life going where I wanted it to go? I finally got up the courage to break things off with him and shortly after I took my life more seriously. I unapologetically dove head first into my own life. I soon started Just.Add.Pearls while on a business trip a few weeks after the break up. Honestly, I have never been happier. I am thankful for what I gained from that relationship and the incredible way it opened up room for me to be truly passionate about my own life.

Which brings me to 2020. 2020 feels like a big year for me and we are only 4 days in. With the start of a new year and decade comes a literal new decade in my own life- my 30s. I secretly love the way my life lines up with the changing of decades. Closing out 2019 was such a great way to close out my 20s even if it isn’t how I had originally imagined it. I imagined I would have met “the one” by now. I imagined I would have been a mom. I imagined I would have been further along than where I am now but- comparison is the thief of joy. It truly is. Luckily my faith in God and his plan has been my sanity through it all. I am lucky enough to have created a platform that I love with an incredible community online. I am fortunate enough to be in a place where I can live my life for me and one day, when I am knee deep in laundry and doing household chores for a family of my own, I will be thankful for the time I have now to live solely for myself. I am also preparing for that life by the way I choose to live now.

I often hear people choosing words to focus on. I had never been at a point with my resolutions to focus on anything but the surface level plan. With the time I have spent actually working on the resolutions, it has freed up time for me to dig a little deeper and be more intentional with the way I approach them. The words I want to focus on in 2020 are Dedication and Courage. Dedication to this platform, to working on self development and being consistent with my health and financial goals. I chose courage for the way I want to show up in my life. I want to take chances, live authentically and be willing to try, fail and start again. For the goal that are measurable, I have a collection of tools I plan to use to achieve them. Here, let me show you.

the tools to get me there:

You’ve likely heard the phrase ” it takes a village”. Well, it takes a “village” of planners and a lot of space on my bookshelf to be successful. One of my goals this year is to remain focused and dedicated. Specifically, I have chosen to focus on my health, finances, day to day habits and blogging schedule. I plan to use these tools to get me there.

My New Day Planner- I received this as a gift from my cousin for Christmas. I was quite partial to the planner I already have but I have become quite fond of this one. I love the way the months are broken up and the payout of the pages. There is a page at the start of each month to write out what my goals are, important dates and to-do list. Each month has a 2 page calendar and very spacious pages for each week. Each month ends with a notes section for whatever I see fit. This planner is the perfect size to tote along with me on a regular basis. She found it at Marshalls but I am linking a similar one here.

For a similar option: click here.

My Blog Planner- I also received this item as a gift For Christmas from my sister. I absolutely love the way this is laid out. It has opened my eyes to be must more specific about who it is I intend to serve and how I plan to do so. I love how it allows me room to write out what each post is going to be about. I have included a few pages of the inside to show you what to expect if you are interested in this planner too.

To purchase a similar one: click here.

Meal Planner- I purchased this a few months back with every good intention of using it. I had actually used it until this week. While working at home, it is far too easy to just pick up whatever is easy and not necessarily healthy. I recently started a new meal plan that is very specific on what my options are and when I need to eat them. Being able to draw out and plan my week ahead of time has left little room for indulgences. I can’t wait to share with you more about this new meal plan next week! I found this planner at Marshalls but also own this one!

For a similar option: click here.

Budget Book- One of my biggest goals is to always be financially free and foster a healthy relationship with money. I am forever looking for ways to save and be organized with my finances. I have loved using this book over the past few months. It is a great way for me to break down what my spending habits are instead of just winging it every month. There are a ton of different features within the pages like- pie charts to track, Monthly overviews and motivational quotes to keep you going.

To purchase: click here.

Stickers- These are just for fun but for me, I need a little something fun when it comes to tracking and I have always had a soft spot for stickers. I love the books by me & my BIG ideas. These have tons of collections to choose from and below are my current favorites. I use these a lot in my daily planners. Some of the ones I have focus on fitness tracking, financial tracking, motivational quotes and everyday planner stickers. I love to get excited about upcoming things and being able to dress up my planner helps make filling it out much more fun to do! I purchase mine on Amazon when i see them on sale but they are also available at Michaels and Joanns Stores too.

To view more options: click here.

Daily Journaling: I have found that a consistent gratitude practice and intentional goal setting is a key to crushing my goals. I do the Start Today daily practice created by Rachel Hollis. Each day I write down 5 things I am grateful for, 10 dreams of mine written as if they have already come true and the 1 goal from the list I plan to go all in on. The Start Today journal is currently available at Target and the Start Today website but I like to do this practice in any notebook I have. I chose this one from Joanns but you could use any lined notebook you prefer.

For a similar one: click here.

Lastly, you might need something fabulous to fill them in with. These pens are my favorite! I have purchased them twice for myself and many times as gifts. They are smooth, long lasting and an awesome conversation starter.

I purchased this pack: click here.

I was so excited to begin filling these out that I started to as soon as I got them. I have yet to make one but I plan to create a new vision board as well. A vision board is a collection of clipped images, words and quotes that create a mosaic of things you hope to manifest in your life. I have made a few in the past and I like this practice because it helps to refocus my attention to my goals in a visual way.

2020 looks incredibly bright and I am so thankful to be where I am today. I am even more excited to see where this new year and decade will take me with the tools I have today. Now it is time for you to share with me: have you picked out resolutions for 2020? Do you use tools to get organized and stay on track? I would love to see you in the comment section below!

Wishing you an incredible New Year and may you be successful in reaching for your dreams!

until next time,

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