Thank You, 2020

It feels like every time we scroll online- someone has something to say about 2020. As if it were some crazy celebrity having a breakdown almost everyday. There’s no possible way to have predicted this year to be the way it is now.

I had every intention of traveling more this year, moving out and enjoying the start of my 30s. Quarantine hit Massachusetts a week prior to my birthday and still to this day- it feels like a blur. There were so many unpredictable changes this year- some for the better and some for the very worst. I didn’t accomplish all I had wanted due to restrictions, a crazy housing market and well- there’s not much to be enjoyed during isolated quarantine.

No matter how much bad press 2020 has gotten, I am quietly thankful for the year I was given. Sure, there were tough times and no- things did not go to plan, but there was so much to be thankful for in the midst of such chaos.

  • I learned to pivot professionally. My company went through a lot of changes since March and learning to pivot under pressure helped me grow tremendously. At the time I wanted to flip my desk and throw my laptop out the window- luckily I didn’t do either. There were many times (even now) that I feel overwhelmed but then I remember how lucky I am to work for a company that continued to thrive during the pandemic, that was able to pivot (almost) seamlessly and I was able to keep working without suffering a job loss.
  • I learned how to take better care of myself- mentally, emotionally and physically. I focused on creating habits that helped me cope during some really overwhelming times. Journaling helped me work through the mental and emotional stress. Walking everyday for at least 30 minutes helped me focus on moving my body and helped me feel better physically. These habits were not learned during the pandemic but having learned them prior to helped me lean on better coping mechanisms.
  • I learned to appreciate the little things. Something as simple as grabbing a coffee on my way home from my weekly grocery store run helped to feel a little bit “normal”. Enjoying the little things helped make the big things feel less daunting, less stressful and less scary.
  • I fostered relationships with my family like I hadn’t in the past. I spent more time with my parents, siblings and nieces and nephew in order to keep our COVID bubbles small. I started inviting my aunt/godmother to tea once a month to catch up. I began writing/ sending cards to my grandmother who is in a nursing home. I started having real conversations that matter with the people I care most about. I learned to truly check in on others who had often been checking on me.

2020 may not have been what I had imagined it would be. As it draws to a close- NYE 2020 looked far different than I envisioned. It wasn’t the roaring 20s, Great Gatsby style party I secretly wanted. I will be surrounded by family and that has me feeling incredibly grateful for what good did come from this year.

So before we call 2020 an Uber and send it on it’s way- I hope you find time to thank it for the strength it gave you to keep moving forward this year. Thank it for all that you have despite so many obstacles. May you find a renewed faith for the future and let 2021 be better than we dreamed.

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