My Planners For 2021

Last week, I told you all about my 2021 goals. Goals are a beautiful thing- they are dreams with their work boots on. This week- I am breaking down all the tools I am using to keep on track this year.

Planner For: Finances

This first one is something I use on at least a weekly basis. This planner has space for repaying debt, savings, everyday transactions and writing prompts. The packaging is geared towards women but I assure you- there is not anything feminine about this planner.

Planner For: The Year Ahead (Blank)

Confession- when it comes to planning, I like to skip around. Some weeks I am really good at using it and some weeks I completely forget. This planner has everything I love- monthly views, weekly views with ample room and no dates! I am able to skip around and use the space as I please.

Planner For: The Year Ahead (Dated)

Bloom planners have everything the blank one has and more! This one also happens to be dated. I really like that this one has life goal trackers as well.

Planner For: Blogging Content

Last Christmas, my sister gifted me this planner and it was a great one! So good that I grabbed a new one for this year. This planner helps to keep brand deals, blog posts and collaborations all in one place.

Planner For: Block Scheduling

This next one has been a game changer for me and the best part- it’s practically FREE! I wanted a way to break down my day and week into hourly slots in order to capitalize on productivity. I got to searching online and ran across the template below. I printed one off and jotted down the concrete commitments in my daily and weekly life. Here’s where you have a choice: you can either A) print a new one each week and fill it out or B) put the sheet into a clear binder sleeve and write on it in dry erase marker. I prefer option B. This allows me to save on paper and wipe away (cross things off) my list of things to do.

Whatever your goals are this year, I hope you’ll feel inspired to take them on. They say a failure to plan is a plan to fail. I am not letting anything get in my way this year so cheers to a prosperous new year!

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