Five ways to Wear

Fun fact: I got the idea for this at 3 am a few weeks back.

There I was- lying awake and the idea just hit me- in an effort to add more value, I needed to show more value. So often I fall in love with new things, add them to my closet and rarely- if ever wear them. I constantly reach for the same old black tee and skinny jeans and why? With a closet full of colorful things- why do I always reach for the same old thing?

Is it because the same old thing WORKS? Sure! My closet is full of tried and true basics and it’s likely you have the same things in yours as well. It’s fun to shop and find new things and I love when I can mix it with things I already have. Wouldn’t it be nice to find 5 ways to wear something? Basic or trendy- it would be nice to find a way to get more than just one or two uses out of an item. Thus, a new concept was born.

Each week I’ll be sharing 5 ways to wear a particular item and show it worn in 5 different style.

On Mondays, I’ll share the item own in a business casual- workwear way.

On Tuesdays, I’ll share the item in a preppy, feminine way.

On Wednesdays, I’ll share the item worn in a casual, effortless, timeless way.

On Thursdays, it’s girls night out/ date night. Take the item from day to night.

On Fridays, we will kick off the weekend in a weekender/ athleisure way.

I’ve got a laundry list of items to share with you! (pun intended)

I also want to hear from YOU!

Maybe there is something in your closet that you’ve been dying to wear again. Maybe you have a favorite pair of jeans but don’t know how to take them from day to night. I want to invite you to share those items with me so I can help you find more ways to wear them. Comment below or send your ideas by email:

(please keep in mind- I am not a magician. The likelihood of wearing your wedding dress more than once isn’t realistic. Same goes for flip flops and bikinis to the office…)

To kick things off: this week I’ll be sharing 5 days to wear a plain white tee. This one happens to be a v neck but any neckline will do. Mix up this look with colors, patterns textures- whatever will make this outfit organically YOU!

Be sure to check Instagram, and Pinterest to follow along. A new item will be shared at the start of each week!

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