Top 10 Amazon Finds: March 2021


So many times I have seen women wear these power blouses. The ones with the delicate collar bows. I fond one that is swoon worthy! Check is out here.

If there is one trend that I am late to and holding on hard to- paper-bag shorts. I am all about the feminine details and yes, this item has a bow as well.

Raffia accessories are huge for spring and summer and I am totally on board. I snagged this set of stretchy belts for the variety of colors and and styles.


Looking for that textured, messy hair without the strong hold and gross feeling most products leave behind? The Eva.NYC texture spray provides hold and style with a light and pleasant scent.

Over the winter I asked my hair stylist to do something I have never done before. I almost immediately regretted it because the highlights were pulling orange in pictures. I had to do something about it. Whether you are covering grays or a poor choice in hair color- this spray will save you! Tons of colors to pick from and long lasting between hair washes.

I have come to learn that if something has gone viral on Tiki’s Tok, it is worth the hype. This mascara does not disappoint! I have purchased it in my everyday black and waterproof as well- perfect for sweaty, beauty days that are not too far in the future.

One of the models that I get to work with, Bella, recently suggested a product to me. She had mentioned that her freshly cleaned make up brushes were all thanks to a new cleaner she had been using. a major plus- it will leave your brushes smelling like freshly baked cookies!


After 3 years of working from home and one of them in the midst of a pandemic- it is safe to say that I am a little stir crazy in my own space. I recently ordered and have started using this treadmill table. Easy to assemble and take on and off- this model fits even my 2007 treadmill. Now I have no excuses to be both fit and focused during my work day.

When I am on the go I often find myself reaching for my phone charger. This power bank can fully charge multiple phones and iPad before needing a charge itself.

Speaking of on the go- this backpack is everything! This bag can fit everything I need for my shoots plus lunch and my makeup bag.

Shop them all here!

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