Two Years Later…

To think: just two years ago I wrote my first posts end started this journey with you! During the past two years, I have devoted a lot of my personal time to writing, researching and creating content . It’s been incredibly fulfilling.

This year brought so many challenges within this social space- a pandemic, social injustice, an election- just to name a few. Navigating the past year has been overwhelming at times even though I merely witnessed it from the sidelines. As a brand, I decided to share less at times and remain a neutral space for all who visit. I found for my mental health, it was better to keep my opinions off screen. I wanted to hold space for those who chose to share their voice. I also wanted to be a space to escape to.

Nevertheless- This year taught me so many important things.

Good things take time. Some will take short cuts and while that’s fine for them- remember why you started in the first place. Remaining true to yourself and your brand will help you stay on track when you want to take the easy way out.

Comparison is the thief of joy. Focus on your own journey. I’ve found that the less I think about what other people are doing, the happier I feel in my own space.

You won’t be for everyone and that’s a good thing. In year two, I struggled a lot to grow on one platform but experienced steady growth on another. I learned you won’t be for everyone and that your message should not resonate with everyone. When you try to connect with everyone, you connect with no one. Finding your right audience takes time. I’ve found I’d rather be in a room of passionate, like minded friends than an arena full of lukewarm disinterested acquaintances.

Have a little faith in yourself. For the past 3 months, I’ve had the opportunity to work with a local brand, Jenny Boston Boutique. While it still feels like a dream- it’s been the biggest vote of confidence in both myself and my messaging. (I plan to share the full story so stay tuned!)

So much can happen in two years and I am so thankful for every milestone and setback I’ve experienced. The one thing that has meant the most is the love and support I’ve received along the way. My family and friends (and you!) have rallied behind this dream with me. Thank you for reading every blogpost, sharing in my success and for helping me find my voice.

Here’s to many more years full of growth, opportunities and true connection.

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