Father’s Day Gifting List

There is always that one person on every list that’s not easy to shop so. For me- I would say it is my dad. He’s got so many hobbies (that I know nothing about) and he’s a shopper like me- we see it, we get it. By the time holidays come around he’s either snatched it up himself or I am just out of ideas all together. Sharing a few to get your ideas flowing.

I have rounded up a few of my favorite finds below. Click here for the link!

I preface this post by saying- not all relationships are the same. Your relationship could be strained or non existent. Please know that your heart goes out to you.

First and foremost- I know there are a lot of opinions when it comes to gifting money or gift cards. Some don’t like the monetary number associated with the gift, others think that thought wasn’t put into it. I beg to differ. The gesture is what truly counts here and if someone is either hard to shop for or enjoys shopping and treating themselves- I think this gift is the perfect fit. Think of his favorite things to do- there is likely a card available.

For my dad, we often gift him: Amazon, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Macy’s or on the go food options (for when he travels for work).

I often gift gift cards with a new wallet– that way they get a new wallet and it’s fully loaded.

My dad and brother spent the past winter fixing up a fishing boat together. As a nod to their time together on the water and the hours spent together fixing up the boat- I thought these hats and koozies were the cutest thing!

This next gift is the perfect way to find his new signature scent. Sephora provides the top scents to try and a gift card to get a full size of their choice.

These earbuds are a must- for literally everyone you know. I have a pair myself and use them often. They rarely need to be charged, come with a durable case and wirelessly connect to your smart devices.

Is he a big coffee drinker? These coffee pods are my favorite especially in the summer months. Pour them over ice water for an instant cold brew coffee. Add this Yeti dupe mug for the perfect pairing.

I got this engraved glass as part of my dad’s gift this year. Pairing it with the ice molds and a bottle of scotch- the perfect “drinks on me” gifting set.

Other gifts to consider:

Gift him an experience- tickets to a game, concert or movie.

Gift him your time- Pick a time where you can give him your undivided attention. Maybe it’s just time to chat or maybe it’s giving him a hand with a project at home.

Never underestimate a heartfelt card. Letting him know how much you love and appreciate him.

There you have it! A few ideas that I may or may not have used a few times before.

Until next week,

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