Amazon Favorites: June 2021

This month I thought it would be fun to give you a look into my makeup bag. I recently made a few purchases that updated my on-the-go makeup arsenal and they are must haves in my book.

Follow this link to shop them all and read through my honest review of each below.

  • This travel bag is the perfect size for on the go. I use this bag every time I shoot with Jenny Boston Boutique. I love the size, the pockets for keeping me organized and the soft exterior that makes it easy for packing.
  • This sponge case is a must! It helps to dry out any beauty sponge after use and protects it from everything else in your makeup bag.
  • When I am out and about- having a bigger mirror is a treat. I snagged this one because of the price and the built in LED light.
  • Dermaplaning is all the rage right now and having a fresh smooth face is great for makeup application. This pack is cost effective and the quality is really nice.
  • These makeup wipes are a repeat purchase for me. After a long night, it’s nice to start my skincare routine wherever I am. They help me to remove makeup without striping away my skin. Stash them everywhere- beach bag, gym bag, desk drawer, purse and in your car.
  • These little spatulas have come in very handy. This may sound a little crazy but I don’t like putting my hands into the products I use. I often get to the end of products and find that the struggle to get whatever is left out, just isn’t worth it. I got this set so I can enjoy every last drop of the things I buy without waste.
  • These little scoops are perfect for on the go and small containers. Much like the spatulas, these tiny spoons are great for getting product out without putting my fingers into it and the metal is cool to the face.
  • These loose powder containers are a game changer! I love being able to take my setting powder with me but the bulky packaging often lends itself to being left behind. I am no longer limited to the products that fit into my bag.
  • Skincare has been a major focus for me lately and when I found this set of tools I was so delighted. There’s nothing like taking your self care time up another notch. There are 4 tools: a lotion brush, a dry brush, a dry brush for lips and an under eye roller for eye treatments. These tools have helped me to look forward to my self care time.
  • I was searching for a cream contour brush when I found these. I love the different size options and how well they apply my makeup. This brand is one of my favorites for makeup tools and right now- they are the only ones I carry in my makeup bag. The blunt, short brush hairs help to control the product during the application process.


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