My Secret For The Perfect Mani

One thing I cannot stand is chipped or smudged nails. I will be the first to say that as soon as my polish is no longer perfect, it’s time to switch it up and swap it out.

But- who has the time, patience or money to get a new manicure whenever they want? Certainly not me!

When I was much younger, I loved the idea of long beautiful nails. I used to beg my mom for the press ons. Years later. They’ve improved in quality and are my secret weapon.

I have tried everything- at home acrylics, gel, dip- you name it! It wasn’t until recently when a co worker mentioned her love of drugstore tips. I started doing some research and found a few sets that I love.

I’ll start out by saying- I love a shorter length petite nail. There are plenty of trendier, longer length options available. I even file mine a little shorter than they come for a “my nails but better” look.

Here’s what you’ll need:

For the gal who wants to paint: these tips are paintable and a nice, short length. This pack has both clear and natural colored nails.

For the gal that wants to set and forget: I love the variety of colors in this pack.

The glue that actually holds: this one is by far the best! My nails didn’t budge for a whole week!

There you have it! Let me know what you think!

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