5 Nail Colors for Fall

Wearing “Jealous Boyfriend” with a matte top coat.

I recently upped my nail game for fall and I must say- these colors are some of my most favorite ones to date. I wanted to find versatile, everyday dark colors that would go with everything I wear. I hit gold when I bought these from Sally Hansen.

You’ll need a few things to get the look:

A good nail file

A cuticle pusher to clean up for nail beds.

A cuticle nipper to clean up around the nail.

This ridge filler makes THE BEST base coat. Tired of chipping polish? One coat of this stuff as a base and it won’t budge.

Your favorite color polish (linked to their color names below). for each color swatch I did 3 coats of polish.

Top coat- I prefer a matte finish for fall but you can use a shine coat if that’s more your style.

Allow me to introduce you to the colors!

Wine Stock is the perfect deep burgundy color. I have a hard time finding maroons I love based on the level of red in the polish. I blame it on my fair, color skin tone. This one is just enough red but still appears black after 3 coats.

Jealous Boyfriend is the dreamiest deep green. Think hunter green. I love this one paired with the matte topcoat and yellow gold accessories.

Midnight Mod is the moodiest navy blue I would find. This shade is perfect for all year round but especially as the seasons change. Of all the color tests I have done for this post- this color gained the most compliments.

Pat On The Black is the prettiest deep plum shade. I’ve used this polish the most since purchasing it and will definitely be restocking once I run out. It compliments my skin tone and is just dark enough that you see the purple hue without mistaking it for black.

Onyx-pected is your true black color. This one took a few coats to reach its darker color but it dries down quickly. Whether you like a shine or matte topcoat- this polish is a staple color to have.

Whichever color you choose- I hope you find one you love and wear often!

Enjoy ❤️

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