Reflecting on purchases I made during December both for Christmas and beyond.

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Mini Pitcher- When I bought this pitcher I definitely did not read the measurements. Its about the size of a coffee mug. I had envisioned it being perfect for fresh cut flowers- absolutely not. I did end up keeping it as it is the perfect size for filling my single serve Keurig Machine.

Honey Pot- I never mention how much I love a hot cup of tea. The ritual of brewing the tea and enjoying that first warm sip is a form of self care. Adding fresh local honey is a sweet addition and I love this little honey pot- matches perfectly with my mini pitcher.

Storage Boxes- I was in desperate need of storage that was functional and decent looking in my room. I love these steady boxes that have great and easy access.

Serving Trays- All season long I was in search of the perfect oversized charcuterie board. I came up short and ordered these trays instead. I use on for meats, fruit and cheeses and the other for crackers. Line the trays with parchment paper when serving to protect the wood.

Cheeseboard Knives- This set came in very handy when serving this holiday season. Having extra knives and serving tongs on hand made this first holiday season post pandemic an easy one to handle.

Matches- This is the most bougie thing I have purchased in a long time. Why do I need long stem matches that I will literally use once and throw away? Because I just do… and maybe you do too. Would be a nice add on gift with your favorite scented candle!

Extra Long Cheeseboard: This one is worth mentioning because it is beautiful. As previously mentioned, I envisioned a large board and settled for something much smaller. This 30 in board is nice but very skinny. If that doesn’t matter to you- grab or gift this one!

Plugs- This was a household purchase. I got this plug for behind a dresser in my room where the plug was interfering with the the dresser sitting closer to the wall. The plug options on the sides help with this.

Muscle Massage Gun- One of the things I like least about working out is day 2-3. My muscles SCREAM in pain and I usually give up the healthy pursuit completely as a result. This gun helps to target your soreness and makes everything feel better.

Habit Planner Pad- Mid month I felt this overwhelming need to get started on new year’s goals. Building habits and being consistent is my 2022 goal. I love how easy this sheet is to fill out with all of my daily and weekly goals.

There you have it! My final amazon favorites for the year 2021. I look forward to sharing new finds in the New Year! See you there- well, here!

Until then,

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