My Collaboration With Hillary Lynn Photography

I can’t describe how it feels when brands want to collaborate with me. The sense of awe and honor is never lost on me. When Hillary of Hillary Lynn Photography reached out to work together on a shoot I have to admit, I was both excited and nervous. Excited because she is a very talented local photographer but nervous because I’ll admit, I can be a little awkward at times. It’s no secret that I take almost all of my content photos. I am no professional! This shoot was months in the making due to New England weather and COVID 19 and it was absolutely worth the wait. I am beyond pleased with how they turned out and I cannot wait to show them to you!

Working with Hillary

There isn’t nearly enough time or room for me to tell you how incredible my experience with Hillary was. Before meeting her, I know she was talented from her work but getting the opportunity to see her passion come to life was an art within itself. She is personable, professional, knowledgeable and her attention to detail is impeccable. She made the experience enjoyable, comfortable and easy. One of the first things I said to her at the beginning of the shoot was that I needed her to be honest with me like a girlfriend would- if I am being awkward, if something didn’t look good, if my hair was a mess- I needed her to be brutally honest with me. She did this in the most professional way of course! Her knowledge of photography and catching the light and angles just right amazed me. As someone who is eager to learn, I was very interested in her suggestions for posing and her creative ways to get the right shot. She allowed me to pick the location and provided me with many options- ones I didn’t even know existed in my area- truly some hidden gems! The shoot went bette Ethan I could have planned in my head and I am so grateful for the way they turned out!

Her portfolio ranges from newborn shots to graduations, engagements shoots to family portraits (this is the one I am most excited to explore in the future). She can do it all! She can truly capture every memorable milestone to enjoy for years to come. You will not be disappointed!

The Location

The location I chose was Quabbin Reservoir. I loved the idea of using a location close to me with many beautiful landscapes. Since many of my lifestyle shoots take place outside, it felt right to continue this ever present theme for my shoot. I will also mention, I fell in love with a shoot Hillary took in this location prior to mine and I was hooked! I loved the idea of incorporating the beautiful stone bridge- a strong backdrop to my simple and flowy dress. Hillary knew that golden hour was best for capturing the right light and she was absolutely spot on.

My Outfit

I am still obsessed with this maxi dress as I was the day I bought it. It is available on Amazon for under $25 and it is worth every penny. It comes in many colors and sizes and can be worn in multiple ways. This actually came in handy during my shoot. I had the opportunity to switch up my look without needing to change. My favorite options was wearing it off my shoulder at the start of my shoot. I later switched it to one shoulder and crossed in front of my neck. You could easily wear this casually, for a wedding, bridesmaids or even maternity! The navy is a color I often wear in my feed and my followers always seem to love this color on me- which I have to shameless agree. I opted for simple gladiator nude sandals- in order to blend into my look and not distract from the dress and of course- a pair of stud pearl earrings because, when in doubt- just add pearls!

Would I shoot with Hillary again? In a heartbeat! She was the absolute best and I cannot sing her praises enough. I hope to work with her again in the future for more shoots like this one and definitely for personal use as well. I cannot wait to see what she will do next and think that whether you are local or not- following along with her on both Instagram and facebook are a must! A big THANK YOU to Hillary for sharing her talent with me and for capturing these beautiful photos. I will treasure them always.

How can you find Hillary Lynn Photography:

IG & Facebook: @hillarylynnphotography

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