I Did a Thing

I did something this weekend and I’m a little scared by how much I liked it. After MONTHS of pushing the publish button on Instagram daily- I took the weekend off… and I actually loved it! I took some much needed time away from my feed and guess what? Not much changed. The world kept going, Instagram was still there in the morning and so were my gal pals. If you too have been feeling overwhelmed by either societal or personal pressure, just remember that it’s ok to slow down.

I have been telling myself for months that consistency is key and beating myself up for the the mere thought of “taking a break”. Taking a break seemed like it was some sort of easy way out. Turns out- you can be a heck of a lot more creative and passionate about what you do when you give yourself permission to do nothing. You can think and dream and plan when you aren’t staring your cellphone screen. You can do it, or anything or nothing and that’s ok.

All this to say- be sure to listen to yourself once in a while. That tiny voice from inside who is wishing for a day off- it’s ok to listen to it. Being kind to yourself and listening to what your body needs doesn’t make you weak- it is the most important thing you can do.

Until Monday,

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