honest opinion: Billie Razor

A few weeks ago, I polled my friends on Instagram regarding whether or not they knew about the billie razor. I was pretty surprised that not all of them had heard of it. For those who had- not all of them had tried it. I figured now was a good time to try and share out.

I’ll admit- it has been more than a year since I first scrolled past someone promoting it on social media. It took me all that time to decide whether or not it was worth the money. I wanted to see if this razor was truly “life changing” as many influencers will suggest.

If you are new to billie: it is a subscription service (geared towards women) that sends shaving razors directly to your door for a $9 flat rate. You can choose to have them sent to you as frequently as you’d like- just once, once a month, every two months (that’s me!) or every three months. They also have other products to add on to the order like shaving creams, face wipes, dry shampoo powder- just to name a few.

What I ordered:

I somehow ordered two of the starter kits which came with- the razor, a replacement head and magnetic wall mount (with extra adhesive). I decided to add on the travel case as well for future use. I chose the light gray colored razor (as pictured above)- this is something customizable when you sign up for the starter pack. I got it to match my bathroom- because I am weird like that and honestly- I didn’t want the same one I kept seeing in everyone else’s bathroom. (fun fact about me: when it comes to picking things with a specific color, I always opt for the most neutral, classic color. black is my go to but wasn’t an option)

My Shaving Backstory:

If you haven’t noticed by now- I am a female with very dark hair (gifted to me by my Italian father). When it comes to shaving, I do it relatively often. For years, I have tried all types of hair removal options- Nair, at home waxing, Veet- to put it simply, if there is a way to remove it, I’ve tried it and likely failed at it. I have always fallen back on shaving due to the ease of it. I have tried many different razors- mostly ones made for men to get the closest shave. I figure- if it is good enough for his face, it should be good enough for… me.

My Honest Opinion:

It’s a good razor.

Is it the best shave I have ever gotten in my life? Probably not because that seems next to impossible.

Is it worth the price? Absolutely. The fact that it will come directly to my house without me even having to lift a finger is genius.

What do I like most about it? I love the extra moisture strips all around the razor head. I think this is common with most women’s razor and something I was missing using men’s razors all these years. I like that I can just add water and get a smooth moisturized shave. I also like the travel case. I used it recently when house sitting for family. For $5, the peace of mind that I won’t gouge myself trying to locate my razor while fumbling through my overnight bag is worth it to me.

What do I like least? That it’s not the best shave I have ever had in my life. It didn’t change my life or keep me from shaving for days or even a week like most influencers will tell you. I don’t believe any razor will do that for you. If a slight breeze blew by just after using it, I’d still have stubble. It just is what it is. At this point, I think any hair removal option other than lasering it off for good won’t get you smooth for an extended period of time. I do think it is worth the money for a pretty decent shave but you shouldn’t believe all the hype.

Now it’s your time to share! Have you tried billie? If you haven’t, would be be willing to give it a try? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below.

I am currently on the search for the next big thing to try so stay tuned!

Until then,

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