Don’t Waste 2020

I think it’s safe to say that at this point in 2020- everyone is in a full on sprint towards 2021. Let’s face it- 2020 was a year full of crazy twists and turns. For me- it started off pretty great with a cruise vacation to the Caribbean and visit to Walt Disney World. Almost immediately after our plane touched down our country went into lockdown. Talk about a high to very low. I anticipated that this trip would be the kick off to a year of seeing different places and experiencing new things. Little did I know I would be seeing and doing very little…

I had spent the previous two years focusing on building and keeping good habits. The secret of my success up until about a month ago was keeping very consistent with diet, exercise, daily gratitude and goal setting. Once the time changed in November, I almost completely lost track of these habits. Since then, I have been feeling very defeated. Pity party for 1 because “living my best life” during the most challenging year isn’t going to plan. I was foolish to think that I would mentally outrun this thing.

So now we’re here. December is a day away and I’m caught in this space between throwing in the towel on 2020 and somewhat thankful there is still 31 days left of it.

The truth is: you know exactly what 2020 was like because you are living it in real time. I don’t need to remind you that it was- emotional, stressful, chaotic, unfair and maybe left you feeling a little cheated. Luckily, for all the negative press 2020 is getting it also brought forth this sense of gratitude- for not getting what we wanted but being thankful for what we have.

My priest gave a beautiful message during mass recently and it really resonated with me. He told this story about 3 teenaged boys in Oregon that set out for a 4 day hike. Due to unexpected inclement weather, the boys were left stranded for 16 days. They never lost faith in what was ahead because they knew that God was going to get them through. Whether you are faithful or not- you may need this message too.

Don’t give up.

Not on yourself, this year, on Him.

Just keep going.

Even when it seems like things cannot get any worse or if you feel defeated like me- know that you aren’t walking this alone. There is a light at the end of this tunnel and you’ve got to keep holding on.

Here’s a not so little reminder- 2020 isn’t over and there are still 31 days left.

For me that means:

bringing back my good habits and setting resolution type goals for myself.

getting up at 6am every morning to start my day off right

Eating foods that make me feel good about myself

setting a few goals professionally and personally

making better use of my time- less scrolling, more reading

remaining faithful to the idea that this year was meant to be lived and that it is setting us up for something so much greater.

All this to say- don’t waste whatever is left of this year. A lot can happen in a day, week, month and year.

Until next time,

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