Gifting List: Family Group Gift

One of my favorite gifts to receive is a personally curated basket full of goodies to be enjoyed throughout the year. Each Christmas, my cousin Jackie gifts one to me full of randomly chosen items that she thoughtfully pulled together. It is very much the gift that keeps on giving.

When gift giving, it is truly the thought that counts. You don’t need to spend a lot to get a lot or gift a really well thought out present. Tonight, I am going to show you how far to stretch your dollar when purchasing a group gift. A group gift is great for families, roommates, couples and in some cases, someone like myself who likes to entertain and enjoy a night in.

Theme 1: Game Night

Grab your favorite card or board game and set the scene for the next fun night in with your crew. Depending on the age of your recipients, there is something fun for everyone. Add in some snacks or a gift card to a local restaurant and you are set!

Into the basket include:

Games: the 6 game multi pack, UNO, or Apples to Apples.

Card Holder- perfect for kids who are learning with little hands


Gift card to a local restaurant for dinner

Theme 2: Movie Night

Into the basket include( use on of these popcorn buckets as the basket)

Movie style candy (being mindful of allergies and dietary restrictions)

Popcorn (pre popped, stovetop or microwave) add some flavors changing options

DVD or gift card to rent a movie

A fun drink

Theme 3: Hot Cocoa Bar

This is perfect for any night of the year but especially during the chilly winter. Settle in for the night with all the fixings for the perfect cup of cocoa.

Into the basket include:

Cute mugs

hot cocoa mix


Whipped Cream

Candy Canes

Melting chocolate and molds to make the ever popular hot cocoa bombs.

*Print a step by step list of how to make the bombs. They can be tricky!

Theme 4: Baking Kit

One of my favorite things to do with my niece is bake cookies with her. Not only is it quality time spent with her but there is a lot that can be learned in the process. Plus- who doesn’t love a sweet treat after working hard?

Into the basket(Basket could be a mixing bowl or a baking sheet) :

A baking set– complete with tools and cookie cutters

Prepackaged baking mix



Ala Cart Baking Kit:


Cookie Cutters

Rolling pin

Theme 5: Smores

This idea came to me last week while listening to a line in a Christmas song. I realized- at no point in all my years had I had marshmallows for roasting. This could be the year! Smores are a great way to incorporate fun and dessert.

Into the basket include:

Utensils for roasting

A Smores kit

Ala Cart Smores Kit:

flavored or shaped marshmallows

chocolate or cinnamon sugar graham crackers

Different chocolate candy options (peanut butter cups, cookies and cream bars, peppermint patties).

Theme 6: Picnic

Now this- this is a gift almost anyone can use. Whether the weather is hot or warm- these items are sure to get some use! Picnics can be taken anywhere- the beach, the park, the backyard and even in the living room. A waterproof blanket is a must. Add in a carry cooler and you’ve got the perfect pairing. This bag is perfect for all sort of occasions- all year long.

Into the basket include:

The cooler -which can be used a the “basket”

A picnic blanket

Charcuterie board

Bottle of Wine

Theme 7: Ice Cream Night

Ice cream socials at work used to be a huge hit! Bringing that fun home is even better.

Into the basket include:

Cute bowls and spoons

a gallon or two of ice cream (if possible, if not- gift a small gift card to a local creamery or grocer to choose at a later date)

Whipped Cream

Hot Fudge


*Additional toppings: sprinkles, candies, nuts, etc.

There you have it! You can find these items in many places- order online or stop at a store like Target, Walmart, Dollar General or your local grocery store. Give the gift of togetherness and help plan the perfect night in for someone else to enjoy.

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