My Why

This isn’t the first time I have written those words down on paper. In fact, if you search through older posts you’ll find a story about a girl who was looking for something new- post break up while on a business trip across the country. At a very basic level, sure- that is exactly why I created a brand but is it truly why?

The other day when I was doing a deep clean of my mind, I realized something pretty important. While trying to juggle 2020 plus my life in general- I needed time to reflect on the brand I’ve created here. Specifically, what the brand is and has been up until now. I’ll be honest- it isn’t exactly how I imagined it would be. I would love to say ” it’s way better” than that but it isn’t. You see- in a time where comparison is unavoidable, I started to feel defeated. Like a rat on a wheel, I was merely existing. Its impossible to create traction when you are constantly moving in he same worn out direction. During this brain dumping session, I truly took the time to rediscover my why. And when I realized there was more than just one- there was a list of them.

My Why(s):

I do it for the little girl inside of me who never stopped playing dress up.

I do it for 4 year old Kailey who wanted to be a “movie star and makeup girl”. The same little girl who would steal her dad’s hair gel and thought deodorant was meant to be worn on your face. – I had so much to learn!

I do it for the fashion student I once was and still am.

I do it for every time a friend or family member said “hey, where did you get that?

I do it for when I find something great on sale and want you to take advantage of it too.

I do it for each time someone has complimented me and I reply back with where and how much.

I do it for all the times I have scrolled through Pinterest and thought ” I can absolutely recreate this look”.

I do it for every time I have fawned over a high end item and then dedicated hours to finding the look for less.

I do it for connection. Because connecting with like minded women isn’t easy.

I do it because being a creative is deeply engrained in me.

I do it because classic fashion doesn’t need to be stuffy and overpriced.

I may not be where I had imagined but I am one step closer every day. This site is my passion and it’s where I feel most like myself.

So- the next time you find yourself overwhelmed while working towards your goals and dreams, stop- take a minute and remember why you started in the first place. They say you get clarity when you are looking down from such great heights but I have found the most clarity back at step 1.

Until Monday,

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