Gifting List: Our Teachers

This gifting list was made for teachers by a teacher. My older sister Lauren has been working in the field since she was old enough to volunteer. This year, more than ever, is the time to thoughtfully thank those who work hard to teach and coach under these intense circumstances. These gifts would also be great for our friends and family who work in healthcare as well.

1. This handmade candle is the perfect way to send off 2020. It comes in TONS of scents and can be burned long after the holidays. Many years, she has been gifted holiday themed items and although the gesture was appreciated- she can only enjoy them during the holiday season.

2. With all the COVID guidelines and general health concerns- hand washing and sanitizing is a constant routine in the classroom. I liked this one because the brand promotes better, cleaner products and the spray dispenser makes for an easy use. Lauren suggested pairing a good hand sanitizer with an intensive moisturizing hand lotion. She likes the body butter from Trader Joes. The clear round tube comes in seasonal scents and coconut and can be found in the personal care section.

3. Teachers do a lot of talking- add on a mask and you’ve got some lips in need of some care. I like this set because the mask can be used all day long for all day relief.

4. Taking time for personal self care is vital for anyone on your list. This set is the perfect way to unwind after a long day or work week. 

5. A box of chocolates is always a favorite. I like this box because it can be enjoyed by anyone- the product is free from most top allergens.

6. A cell phone jail. I personally NEED this! It is fun and quirky but super practical gift. Whether this is needed in the classroom or for creating boundaries at home- a much needed break from our devices is good for the soul!

7. Who wouldn’t love a good massage? My sister and I each have one and it’s the perfect way to relieve stress and take a little pressure off the neck, back and shoulders.

8. I love my Pottery Barn mug. Gift this item alone or fill it with individually wrapped goodies, hot cocoa, coffee and/or a gift card.

9. A wine tumbler can be used to keep any beverage cold for hours. Of course, a cold glass of wine is fine by me but this can also be used for other drinks too.

10. This tumbler is THE BEST. I have gifted it multiple times and always get many thanks. It is comparable to top brands but at 1/3 the price. There are tons of color options to choose from and are available in store as well.

11. This brand has many amazing pieces with beautiful messages. I like the pearl necklace entitled GRIT most of all. Read the message below.

12. A cozy scarf is always a good idea and I adore mine from Old Navy. They tend to go on sale often so scoop them when you can! Color options and patterns are available online and in store.

A big thanks to my sister for co- signing on this list. A big thanks to you for stopping by! I hope you have found this list helpful and comment below if you need any specific gifting ideas.

Until Monday,

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