Top 10 Amazon Finds: September 2021

Thanks for stopping in for yet another monthly Amazon round up!

This one has something for everyone and is a little bit of everything.

My fall lip color: seductress
I’ve never loved a brush as much as this! Flawless airbrush look.
Drying my brushes has never been easier.
I’ve been looking for a product like this for years! A heat protectant with styling abilities is hard to find.
Getting a jump on winters dry skin- nothing is easier than spray lotion.
It’s been far too long since I’ve worn big sunnies.
The purse I brought to my brother’s wedding. Fits all the essentials: phone, lipstick, tissues, Advil…
There’s no excuse not to have blue light glasses on hand when they are this cute and affordable.
Wake up with the sun- anytime of day or year. Use this as a touch lamp during the day and wake up peacefully in the morning.
This is a wildcard but- oh so necessary! Love sweet and salty? This is the ultimate combo. I’ve been craving this mix for months and it is so yummy.

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