Proven Skincare: Is It Worth The Hype?

Let’s get real about skincare. If I’m being honest, my skincare routine didn’t fully take off until a few months ago. Prior to that, I barely took off my makeup before bed, rarely washed my face, didn’t worry about SPF or anti-aging and barely moistured my already dry skin. I never took care of my skin. I never really had to because my skin hardly gives me any trouble- I’m very fortunate.

After turning 30, I decided it was time to take my routines a little more seriously. As a beauty and skincare junkie, I have tried so many things for my skin. After trying countless products, I’ve gotten to the point where I’d rather just find something that works than keep trying the newest things on the market. I finally decided to take this process seriously and I made a list of my skincare concerns to target.

My Main Areas of Concern:

  • Hereditary dark circles around my eyes
  • Dry skin- specifically on my forehead, around my mouth and on my chin
  • Anti-aging for my forehead and neck

This is where Proven comes in. I had recently tried a personalized haircare system and thought I might as well do the same for my skincare.

Proven has a simple quiz that you fill out to determine your needs. They provide you with a three step system designed just for you to target your desired areas. They also take into consideration your location- changes in seasons (which is huge here in New England) and age.

Three Simple Steps:

A morning SPF is a daily moisturizing lotion that’s jam packed with all the things you need to hydrate and prep your skin for the day. I love how lightweight it is and how nicely it preps my skin for makeup.

The daily cleaner is a luxe gel cream cleanser that is very gentle yet affective. This cleanser is not meant for makeup removal or deep cleaning. I think of it as a second cleaning step in my routine for an extra clean. *Due to the dryness of my skin, it was suggested that I use the cleaner once a day- I use it as part of my night skincare routine.

The night cream is my favorite of all. This lightweight, hydrating lotion is made to be used all over the face and neck. It’s thick without being heavy. At first, I used this product sparingly bt found that I had more than enough product to use it a little more liberally.

The Cost:

The cost can be a little intimidating. I rarely buy anything like this at a high price point unless I’ll have it for a very long time. The set of products were $99* for the first set and each set after is $129. The set is made to be used seasonably- each set is made for the specific climate and season. * In order to get this discount, see the coupon link below.

Reasons Why It’s Worth It:

They factor in my needs instead of me trying to fit my needs to another product.

They take into consideration my climate and season. Trying to keep up with the weather and seasons in Massachusetts is no joke. We experience all 4 seasons and having someone take the guess work out of that is a blessing.

I can curate the products in many ways. Although the dermatologists at Proven pick out the correct treatments for my desired skincare goals, I get to decide how potent the products are, how thick the creams are and even how much SPF to include. This set is totally customizable without losing the effectiveness of the products per the suggestions of professionals.

The Only Downside:

It’s a little pricey BUT- most high end, effective skincare lines are. You just need to decide if the results are worth the price you pay. In this case- it is.

How To Get Started:

I was completely influenced to try these when a hair stylist YouTuber I follow suggested them. The idea of taking the guesswork out of my routine sounded too good to be true. I just had to try them!

You can use this code to receive $25 off of your first order! Just follow the link, fill out your personal quiz and start simplifying your skincare.

Do you have a skincare line that you love? I’d love to hear about it. Next week, I’ll be sharing a few additional products that I like to use alongside these products. Stay tuned!

Until then,

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