Gifting List: Work From Home

For the first time in probably- history, people are working from home or staying home more than ever. I myself have been an introverted homebody that has worked from home for 2.5 years. To say I am a pro at this “staying home” biz is an understatement.

Since this work life balancing act has been my life for a while now, I’ve become quite accustomed to it. I have learned what does and doesn’t work and what things make this experience a whole lot better. Whether you are shopping for someone who works from home or simply trying to improve someones time at home- I’ve got just the thing(s) for you!

1. This kettle is a great example of something that not only someone who WFH might love but something that literally anyone could use. I am gifting this to my aunt (who is retired) this year because we recently started having tea together once a month. It’s something special for the both of us to look forward to. It heats water to a boil within minutes- perfect for making anything that needs hot water! (I use it for oatmeal, tea and french press coffee)

2. I wish I had waited to get my Keurig on sale (Black Friday and Cyber Monday are a GREAT time to save!) but I am so happy I didn’t. I use this mini maker every morning to brew single serve coffees. I keep it in my work area- perfect for any size space.

3. This is one of the first things I purchased when I started working from home. The idea of working from bed was so exciting at first (years later- not so much). I’ve found another use for this item- it is the perfect height for a standing desk option. No need to invest in a pricey standing desk- this tray can be used on countertops, desks and of course on a bed for those long days where you are sitting too much.

4. A cozy blanket is a must no matter who you are. I find having a cozy space to work to be a great alternative to my normal desk space. You can also find great deals on blankets like this at COSTCO.

5. It is so easy to lose track of time when you are spending so much time in one space. It’s even easier to forget to stay hydrated. I love a bottle that reminds me to keep drinking throughout the day.

6. You can never go wrong with a portable mouse. The trackpad on my laptop can take a lot of time to maneuver. Having a mouse with more range is key. I like this one because of the color options.

7. This was a recommendation from my brother in law who began working from home during the pandemic. Having the right ergonomic accessories is important for comfort and for the general well being of the worker. These mousepads was a great option.

8. I grabbed this desk pad over the summer and recently purchased more. My workspace is an old vanity I’ve had for years. The wood is waring away and I needed a smooth surface to work and write on. There are many sizes and colors to choose from. Plus, it acts are a mousepad too.

9. Keeping organized is a must! These sets come with everything needed to keep a tidy workspace.

10. I use my phone stand almost all day long. I absolutely LOVE having a place to rest my phone when I take conference calls. This phone stand would also be good for someone who likes to cook in the kitchen. I’ll be snagging one of these for my mom’s stocking. She loves to use her iPad for recipes and having a spot to prop up her screen would make her experience easier. Also- think of those with whom you FaceTime with. Might this make chatting easier for them?

11. I love these mini fridges for keeping my skincare cool. This fridge would also be great for keeping bottled or canned beverages cold throughout the workday.

12. These are my go-to pens! I have purchased them no less than 5 times for myself and for gifts. They are smooth, long lasting and surely make a statement. I also like them for meetings where I fidget. I get nervous easily…. The quiet mechanics within the pen keep me occupied without annoying others with a clicking noise.

13. Having tacks and paperclips on hand can be really helpful. All jokes aside- my dad will be getting a set of these from me this year because he seems to always be out of them- and asks me for mine all the time.

14. I grabbed a pair of these earbuds during Amazon Prime Day 2020. I love the easy charging case and the comfortable fit. These buds would be great for anyone using a bluetooth compatible device this season.

Don’t forget- these items would be great choices for anyone working from home but can also be great for just about anyone on your list. I have each of these items and truly do use them to make my WFH space better. Feel free to drop a comment if you have any questions or suggestions for other lists!

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